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The Last 5lbs Challenge

Lose those last stubborn 5 pounds by combining a balanced meal plan, regular exercise, and accountability.


Challenge Details

- Weekly Meal Plans: Each week, a basic meal plan covering all 7 days will be provided to participants. The meal plan will focus on nutritious and delicious options to support their weight loss journey. High protein- Lower Carb

- Group Chat: Participants will become part of a dedicated group chat where they can check-in, share their progress, ask questions, and receive support from fellow participants and our team of experts.

- Weigh-In and Measurements: Participants will weigh themselves and record their measurements at the beginning of the challenge. These numbers will serve as a baseline for tracking progress throughout the 3 weeks.

- Fun and Engagement: We will encourage a lively and supportive atmosphere within the group chat, where participants can share ideas, and success stories, and motivate each other along the way. -

-Daily Exercise Commitment: Participants will be encouraged to engage in some form of physical activity every day for the entire 21-day challenge. This can include walking, yoga, biking, or utilizing the training facilities at the club.

- No Snacking After 8pm: Participants will be asked to refrain from snacking after 8pm to promote better eating habits and avoid unnecessary calorie consumption.

- Protein Intake: Participants will be advised to increase their protein intake as part of their meal plan, as it can help with satiety, muscle recovery, and weight management.

-We will kick off the challenge with a Friday May 26th Q&A Talk

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