In Studio Bootcamp: Week 2

Our new program revolves between week 1 and week 2, where week 2 gives more time for a more intense heart pumping workout and focuses on Higher Intensity Training

Calorie Burn

Calorie burn training is a great way for people who are looking to lose weight. It works by increasing your metabolism so that the body burns calories at an increased rate, which can cause you feel fuller sooner and have less cravings throughout any given day because it's burning off stored fat from all over!

Strength & Endurance

Without strength and endurance training, your body will not be able to function at its best. It's important that we work out regularly because it helps with everything from posture to injury prevention!

Muscle Endurance

Our Muscle Endurance training program is designed for people who want more from their workouts and life in general. These intense sessions will help you build muscle, burn fat, improve balance & agility as well increase metabolism so it's easier than ever before!

HIIT Cardio

You can get a great workout without having to go anywhere with this HIIT cardio machine. It targets all the right muscles and helps you burn calories, which will give your body an amazing tone!

Cardiovascular Endurance

The most effective way to improve your cardiovascular fitness is by doing higher intensity cardio exercises. These types of workouts increase the amount of oxygen in our bloodstreams, which makes us feel better. Fuel cells more efficiently for longer periods without tiring out quickly like short-intensity interval training does!

New program, same principles.

Even though the program is new, we are still keeping the things you love doing.

1. Fresh Workouts Daily & Weekly.
2. Enhancing our circuit training program.
3. Upgrading our Bubble Butt program to 3.0!
4. Always in a class setting!
5. More focus on overall wellbeing.

Monday: Academy I

Our Academy 1 on Mondays on week 2 at Integrity Fitness is the perfect way to get in shape and stay healthy. We focus on short fast sets during the week 2 sessions while still incorporating strength training so that your body will keep burning fat so you don't sacrifice leaving strength training behind.

TARGET: Cardio-Lift

Tuesday: Academy II

Shape, tone, and define your smaller muscle groups while focusing on High intensity Interval Workouts! On Tuesdays, we push you to do high calorie burning workouts while emphasizing your three big muscle groups, legs, chest, and back, 

TARGET: Lift- Cardio

Wednesday: Academy I

Our Academy 1 program in week 2 is all about challenging you while training your cardiovascular endurance. We make our functional movements and strength exercises fast-paced so that your body gets a great workout while also increasing energy levels.

TARGET: Cardio-Lift

Thursday: Bubble Butt 3.0

Bubble 3.0 + Higher Intensity?!  A full lower body workout which includes targeting all the muscles in the glutes and thighs for a toned leaner look. We are not limited to squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Get ready to for a workout that will leave your glutes feeling sore!

TARGET MUSCLES: E.B.T.R (Everything below the ribs). Primary areas are all muscles groups in the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and then core & calves.

Friday: Classic Bootcamp

They say you should never stop learning, and that's why we're bringing back our classic bootcamp workout. We started with high energy moves like jogging or running in order to really challenge your cardio muscles while adding some strength training exercises for good measure! These types of workouts are intense - they'll leave you feeling energized after each session-and can burn tons of calories over time too!

TARGET: Cardio- Lift

Saturday: Wildcard Saturdays

Wildcard workouts are designed by our most master trainers who use their experience, intuition, and research to design a kick-butt workout! The perfect workout to end the week. The emphasis on Saturday is to provide a creative and innovative workout with good balance of weights, cardio, and core. It is a great workout that will shred your body up.

Each week our training team finds new ways to challenge you like never before. It’s a great way to head into your weekend. Trainer reviews on these days are 9.9/10!

Why Join Our In-Studio Bootcamp Training At Integrity Fitness?

Hiring our team is more than just your occasional workout, you are hiring a coach. A team of trainers that inspire you to want to work out. We are local world-class trainers who have 15 year’s experience designing workouts for women. We love, give love, and get love back from!