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Paul’s Boot Camp has revolutionized traditional fitness classes at both Vaughan locations. This honest, no-nonsense workout program is a one of a kind fitness program that has attracted thousands of ladies throughout Vaughan and surrounding areas. It was designed around one simple goal: to create THE BEST WORKOUT IN THE WORLD! The one-hour sessions may include interval training, circuit training, static training, line circuits, martial arts conditioning, strength training using free weights, kettle bells, bands, and traditional military exercises and a whole lot more. Burning fat, tightening up the body, and building muscle has never been easier…

The boot camp classes at Paul’s Boot Camp are one hour except the rush hour 5:10 camps which are 50 minutes in length. The floor work focuses on a different major muscle group each day allowing clients to develop a targeted program, or to attend Monday through Friday for an ideal well-balanced workout routine (see our weekly schedule). Our professional trainers will vary the workouts daily and incorporate a multiple of training principles like: drop sets training, peripheral heart training, tabata, turbulence training, breakdowns and the deadly 100’s! The trainer may break your training into four 12 minute workouts, three 15 minute power segments or even multiple short segments rounds with a boxing ring timer moving fast and intensely every 5 minutes. The idea is to continually “shock” the body, as research demonstrates that it is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, and build muscle. The endless variety of exercises and instructor styles ensures that no two classes are the same, and that every class feels new and exciting.

What are clients saying about us? Please read this wonderful letter from a long time happy client:

"Hi Paul,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your 10 year anniversary with Paul's Bootcamp! What an accomplishment!!! *:) happy I am sure that it comes with huge sacrifices and hard work.

Your Bootcamp is a special place to be with amazing trainers and staff.

I decided to share with you my top 5 reasons for choosing Paul's Bootcamp for the past 7 years.

5) Amazing trainers
4) Amazing Staff
3) Open Door Policy
2) Reflective Owner
1) Feeling empowered as a woman, wife, mom after a work-out

The number one reason is so important because it allows me/women to continue to believe in myself/ourselves. I/We can still work out even though life gets busy with kids, family, careers and other family obligations.

Thank you for believing in me!

Wishing you many more years of success!*:x lovestruck


On a recent survey at Top choice Awards, voters were asked "Why did you vote for Paul's Boot Camp?", here's what some of them had to say.

Excellent instructors, great facilities, positive energy, great price point.

Extremely happy with the services they offer. :) Been a client at Paul's bootcamp for 4 years and have never once looked for another fitness centre and never will...well, unless I move to a different province. Lol

They are an excellent fitness facility that helps transform bodies and keep people healthy!

They are 100% committed to their clients. They have awesome classes, dedicated staff throughout, positive and incredibly motivating and they are more interested in making chgs in the lives of the women there instead of a quick buck.

Love bootcamp classes. Great Trainers. New class everyday

I believe in what they do. I am a product of their program having lost 35 lbs. I like that the women who are showcased as star clients used in their advertising are actual women. I know this as I work out with a bunch of them. That is a true testimate.

Top quality service - always! Bar none from the receptionists to the owner, these people care about what they do. They are passionate about fitness and just as passionate about making sure that each and every client is reaching their personal goals whatever they may be. Excellent quality and affordable given the high level of services they provide.

They care about they clients and you get results

It is fun to workout there!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a great environment with excellent staff and trainers who have been so inspirational and fantastic motivators.The members who I have met and exercised with have been phenominal.
Paula Pedro






Metabolic Mondays   A professional trainer will coach and lead you through tough, challenging and sweaty workouts.  You will train your upper body hard, using cutting edge exercises. Just when the pain gets too intense, your trainer will pull you off and hit the heart with some vigorous cardio as the muscles rest and recover. You will then be given a brief break and repeat or move to the next station. This will really maximize your time and eat up the calories/fat by burning 15+ calories per minute. Expect your metabolism to get a strong boost and use at least 500+ calories per session.

Bubble Butt Tuesdays
OUR SPECIALTY! Nobody does it better! We dedicate the whole day to training the lower body. You will feel tight and toned right after you finish. PBC uses its wealth of experience and endless training principles to build thigh toning, butt lifting, waist trimming results oriented workouts that change every week!. We will blend in some hard flashes of cardio to reduce that fat and toss is some abs to flatten the belly. Eight weeks of  this, and your Lululemons will never look better! This class is will change your lower body and eat 600 calories per session.

Real Cardio Boot Camp Wednesdays You want boot camp style cardio? That is exactly what we will give you. This all out intense training day will focus on the industries best cardio techniques to make your body fat take a beating.  We use a  “moving” circuit. and a compilation of exercises that will keep you moving up, down, over and siBde-to-side. It is another PBC specialty. Each week, new workouts are somehow built to never repeat themselves twice. Extraordinary circuits that nobody could possibly do every day for one hour, so we just do it Wednesdays. It is a love to hate day. Hate the work, love the results. The training will be at the highest level of intensity with complicated and challenging movements. It will challenge the best of the best!

Beach Body Thursdays  - We all know there is no such thing as “spot reduction”, but if there was, this what they would call it. The purpose of this class it to make all the secret spots burn and feel tight. Just like its name, if you had one workout to do before you put that bikini on, this is it. This is a dedicated abs, flabby part of the arms, inner thighs, and glutes session.  We will build a barrage of resistance-only (anaerobic) circuits to tone and tighten everything  and throw in some serious short cardio bouts to burn some major calories in the process.  This is a fantastic way to supercharge your fitness regimen, boost your metabolism, burn off extra fat and reach those goals you’ve set for yourself. 

HIIT Boot Camp Fridays – The weekend can filled with guilty pleasures that cannot be avoided at times.  We have designed one last workout to really burn some calories, hit the whole body hardcore and make your skinny jeans fit well. With all out bouts of intense exercise for short intense bursts followed by short and brief rest periods and repeat until ‘skinny’ or when the hour is over. Science is correct, H.I.T.T burns more calories than any other form of training- PERIOD. Eats up to 20 calories per minute!

Get your Sexy Back Saturday - Looking for the ultimate flab melter? PBC knows how to get a woman’s body tight. These sessions are freshly designed every week to strengthen, condition, and define muscles like nothing else can. This is not and an aerobic class. It is a total body training session that eats calories and will push your muscles hard. If toning is your goal, this is a must do class!
Classic Boot Camp - ½ weights training ½ cardio training Sunday - A PBC trainer(s) will split this boot camp into two very separate sections. One segment will feature a PBC trainer making an extraordinary twenty minutes, exclusively focusing on a toning circuit (resistance training), with emphasis on total body exercises. The second trainer will take a full twenty minutes focusing on conditioning and body fat reduction exercises with a strong emphasis on cardio.