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Melissa lost 100lbs!​

Melissa shares her weight loss journey of 100lbs with Integrity Fitness. She is a true inspiration to everyone in our fitness community. Take Action VI Transformation Challenge. The results speak for themselves. These women were inspired to train with a purpose, fueled their bodies with awareness and conquered their goals. Watch these amazing. Melissa is a motivating lady who has transformed her lifestyle and, her body. She is a consistent, hard-working client who is a positive member of our METCON30 community. Small steps taken in the right direction equals long term results.

The Amazing Heizell

Every so often, someone's story touches us all. Today, that story belongs to Heizell, a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. When Heizell first joined us in April 2019, she brought with her a deep desire to lead by example, not just for herself but for her young child. More than achieving personal fitness, Heizell aimed to be a beacon of health and vitality for her growing family. 

Lisa makes a comeback!

One of our star clients, Lisa, talks about what being a star client means to her, what it took to get her there and what motivates her to keep going!

Leanor reached her goals, and then some.

Leonor had started off the year with some health issues, but it ended off on a high note. She made the workouts part of her routine and found success in our challenges

Elisa's Story!

Elisa faced many obstacles throughout her fitness journey but was always committed to succeed. She is dedicated to her workouts and believes with small steps you can accomplish anything.

complete body transformation.

Angie is an inspiring woman who is feeling younger, stronger, lighter, and healthier. So proud and happy for you Angie!