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46 Years Old
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Lifestyle and Wellness Coach
Owner of Integrity Fitness(PBC)
Professional Trainer Since 1997
Gym Owner Since 1998

Ahead of the Curve

‘Integrity is one of several paths, it distinguishes itself from the others because it is the right path, and the only one upon which you will never get lost’. M.H. McKee

As the owner and founder of Integrity Fitness, this statement holds true to Paul Walker. He has graced the fitness industry for close to 20 years and is a well known and respected fitness professional in all of Ontario. An innovative leader in the fitness industry Paul is always looking to bring his clients to the next level of fitness. His passion and talent for health and fitness is what led to the launch of the first ever, group training style boot camp fitness facility in all of Vaughan. Paul first started off with Canada’s first personal training studio in 1997. In 1999, Paul designed what is known today as structured-periodized personal training and group X personal training. Ten years later, it became a fitness phenomenon.

In 2005, Paul launched another groundbreaking initiative in which he brought fitness training directly to the consumer, through a Mobile Fitness Studio. His mobile fitness studio became well known in the sports industry and he was hired by Golf Clubs to help with tournament preparation. This was a turning point for Paul as the popularity of his training began to extend to women. Women were gravitating toward his type of training and the boot camp style he offered. It was an innovative, exciting and wildly effective fitness concept that had never been heard of prior to the summer of 2005. Since then Paul decided to dedicate his career to women's health and he has built a five time award winning program and studio.

As of 2016, Paul has changed the lives of over 10,000 women and has created a fitness community for like-minded women who can be part of something that will change their lives forever. Today, Paul continues to exercise his keen sense for pinpointing the most cutting edge, effective and results-producing fitness innovations before they hit the market.

BA, B.ED, PTS, NWS Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS)
“You cannot control the world outside but you can choose what you bring into yourself. Begin by finding one item of health and wellness every day until it becomes a habit”
A Pro-trainer and Nutrition coach at Integrity Fitness, Sandra has worked effortlessly on dedicating her time to help people live a healthy lifestyle. Working as a teacher and mentor, Sandra has a desire to teach and make a difference in people’s lives. Her passion and dedication to people is evident in her success at home, school and with her clients. The biggest contribution as a master trainer is to make a great trainer even better. For years, Sandra has gained the respect of trainers in all fields of fitness. She has inspired and taught great trainers to be better leaders and role models. Her skills can’t be certified or taught. They are hard earned and the result of experience, ready to be passed on to those who take the time to learn from them. More importantly, each client also motivates to better herself. Being able to help people achieve their goals whatever they may be and thriving off of their energy and enthusiasm is what Sandra values most about being a trainer.
CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer, Integrity Fitness General Manager and Master Trainer
Scott Hamilton considers himself to be a people person who loves to see others succeed with their fitness goals.
Scott attended the University of Guelph (1999-2002) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. While at Guelph, Scott also pursued an athletic career in football and later he ran on the track team. He played four years of varsity football and ran one year of track for the Gryphons. During this time, Scott also got involved with the strength and conditioning program and quickly became one of the senior leaders and monitors in the football weight room. It is here where Scott’s love for personal training began to evolve. But it doesn’t stop there. During the summer months Scott helped coach minor football with the Guelph Bears football association. Upon completing his schooling, Scott pursued a career in the fitness industry working in sales for a major fitness retailer. Through this career path he met Paul Walker and shortly after joined the Integrity Fitness team.
He is passionate about training the Integrity Fitness women and creating exciting and energetic classes. He believes that with each small step you take towards your fitness goals, the results will continue to make you grow physically and mentally.
CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Arts Trainer
Some believe they will never find their true calling, not to mention their true passion … AND make it their profession. Fortunately for Donald, he was able to do both. Upon completing his Bachelor's Degree in Urban & Regional (City Design) Planning with a minor in Sociology at Ryerson University, Donald hopped from job to job, and experienced a number of career changes while simultaneously raising his two sons. Given his dissatisfaction with the paths he’d taken thus far, Donald finally committed himself to one goal: to do whatever it took to turn his passion into a career.

As of today, Donald is not only successful as a Certified Personal Trainer but he is also an aspiring professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. Donald has thousands of hours of experience in a wide range of fitness training concepts including personal training, small group training, boot camp classes and martial arts privates. Using the passion, knowledge and experience he has accumulated training both himself and others, Donald instills motivation and encouragement in his clients to change their lives for the better.
Donald's training philosophy encompasses everything related to overall physical fitness, with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, toning and cardiovascular performance.


BSc, PTS Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Resist-A-Ball certified, SMRT-Core certified

Physical activity has always been an integral part of Claudia’s life. During her school years, Claudia excelled a member of the track and cross-country running team as well as the volleyball team. As the years passed she continued to keep physically active and followed all the fitness trends from step classes to aquafit while she was pregnant. It wasn’t until after having her two children and attending Integrity Fitness bootcamp classes that she realized her new found passion in life – fitness.

Over 6 years ago, Claudia decided to pursue her passion and received her certification in personal training. Since that time she has been employed as a personal trainer and bootcamp coach at Integrity Fitness. She continues to expand her fitness knowledge by taking courses that allow her to further assist her clients in reaching their fitness goals. As a busy mom and fitness enthusiast her goal is to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their goals and live the healthiest life possible.

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Office Manager 

When many think of a fitness center employee, they picture the athletic trainers or nutritionists/dieticians. However, an important part in any fitness center is the Administrative Staff.

In her role as Office Manager, she is responsible for the smooth operation of the day-to-day business of the company. She works closely with the owner, Paul to ensure that all departments function efficiently by utilizing her strong organizational skills, and her  ability to work well with others.   She tries to provide a structured environment to all those who she associates with  by motivating and encouraging everyone to work as a team and take pride in their work.

Customer service is a top priority for her and she takes personal pride in providing the clients of Integrity Fitness with the world class service they have come to expect over the years.




Customer Relationship Manager 
Angie is a dedicated team leader that is humble and welcoming. Her Bio? Let our clients tell you:
"I would like to personally say THANK YOU (Angie) for all that you have done for me and continue to do. Your infectious smile whenever I walk through the doors at Integrity Fitness, always brightens up my day/night. I  always look forward to our conversations that end up in complete laughter! ( HAHAHA) Thank you for always making me feel welcomed and part of a beautiful family. You are truly an ASSET to the Integrity Fitness Team! Looking forward to another 5 years! Cheers!

“I will never forget when I walked in to do my trial, I was greeted by Angie...with a huge warm smile on her face, which she has been wearing for 5 years now and I had met MINI MIKE (now Mike Fresh) for the very first time, they both made me feel welcomed and would assist me with anything on and off the exercise floor. To this day....Angie and Mike, always greet me with a huge smile and now we have many jokes that we share!!! How can I ask for anything more???? That's how clients should be treated and I have been treated that way FOR 5 YEARS!!!!” Christina

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Customer Relationship Manager

Maria has a strong passion for customer service where she is known for proactively going above and beyond her assigned roles to provide top customer satisfaction. Maria has over eight years of customer service experience within the medical, food and beverage, and hotel service sectors.

Since she began working at Integrity Fitness in the spring of 2012, Maria has found great enjoyment working alongside Paul’s energetic and highly knowledgeable team.

Maria has a strong passion for working in the health and fitness sector as she gets to experience the transformation of clients, both physically and mentally.

The most enjoyable aspect for Maria is meeting new clients and connecting with all members to provide exceptional service and support so that each member can surpass their goals. Maria takes great pride in providing individualized recommendations to match each client’s unique needs.

Victoria is a dedicated individual in everything that she does. She is not only organized but she pays attention to every detail, which is important when you are working in a fast-paced fitness environment.
As Victoria continues to attend York Universtiy where she is working towards a degree in Business in Society and Human Resources, she also part of the administrative staff at Integrity Fitness. For over 5 years, she has contributed to the day-to-day administrative duties required to help keep things running smoothly. 
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