All of the workouts at PBC are freshly designed daily to meet our world class standards of exercise diversity, training principles, and expert supervision.  At PBC we personalize each day of the week with new training styles, concepts and structure that will provide our clients variety and motivating work outs. Each day will bring results oriented fitness plans that are fun and challenging to any level of trainee.  We pride ourselves on being industry experts in group fitness in both program design and results.



Choose the level of difficulty first. At PBC, we have three levels of difficulty for our training:
Level I- Bold, Level II- Insanity, Level III- Hardcore.
The purpose of having these three levels is to challenge our clients that have different fitness levels by increasing the difficulty and decreasing the rest.
Bold is defined as a PBC work out session that welcomes many levels of ambitious fitness seekers. They are finely planned workouts that are dynamic and vigorous. They will stimulate the metabolism and change your body.
Insanity is defined as a PBC high intensity training session with minimum rest periods. Expect more complicated and challenging movements. Most recommended for injury free, advanced clients with lots of prior boot camp experience. It is for the tenacious and fierce trainee.
Hardcore is defined as a PBC workout session that is physically challenging that will push you to your limits. You move at your maximum pace, and will keep moving while performing challenging movements. You must push yourself and train like you want to make this workout your last!