We make class signups fast and easy through our dedicated online platform.  Simply click the link above or below to get started.  You’ll be taken to a full view of all upcoming classes with the opportunity to click a single button to sign up.  And you’re done!  It’s as simple as that.


Sign up on the weekend to schedule your complete workout regimen for the next seven days, or log in on a weekday afternoon to get into a last minute class that evening.  Anywhere, anytime, the system is ready to accept your signup.


Daily Classes


Every day, we offer a variety of different classes that vary in level and in training type.  No matter what your preferred time of day, you can find a class that is perfect for you.  Each day of the week is dedicated to a particular body part and although the body part never changes, the type of training does.  So what you do one week will be dramatically different the next, bringing variation and, dynamics to your workout regimen.


Class Caps


All classes are capped at a certain number.  This prevents overcrowding and allows our trainers to give you the personalized attention you need to push yourself to the max.  During the busiest times of the day, multiple classes run every hour on the hour to ensure that even if you missed the cut off on one, you’ll make it into another.