Looking for that Personal Touch?


PBC offers personal training in addition to its group training sessions.  Whether you want to kick start a new fitness regimen with focused one-on-one attention from an expert, or you simply work better in a personal training environment, PBC provides competitive pricing and a variety of packages.

An Unparalleled Team


The PBC team is comprised of experienced, talented and committed personal trainers at the height of their careers.  Our training techniques are cutting-edge and carefully researched with an emphasis on client safety and goal attainment.  From dramatic weight loss and muscle toning, to injury rehabilitation and fitness competition training, our personal trainers have worked with numerous clients to achieve even the most challenging of goals.


Innovative and Challenging


When you work with a PBC personal trainer, you benefit from a personalized fitness program specifically designed to meet your objectives.  At PBC, we believe in variety.  By “shocking” the body with new training concepts and techniques, not only do we maintain excitement and keep your motivation high, but we also maximize results quickly and effectively.