Group-based circuit training is our core focus at PBC.  Why?  Because it works!


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Get your sexy back by exercising at a level that perfectly suits your abilities and goals in a group environment where you can motivate and support one another.  Our group training system has been voted the “Best in Vaughan” and recognized as a superior fitness program in a number of media outlets including City TV, Rogers Television, CityLife, and Whatever Magazine.


A System that Produces Results


It’s unique. 

It’s powerful.

And it’s always changing. 


1.  The setup. 

group training

Every day, the floor is set up with a pre-planned circuit.  Sessions follow a regular schedule, only a set number of trainees is permitted, and you must sign up ahead of time through our convenient online platform.  Learn more.


2.  The days of the week. 

Each day of the week targets a different major muscle group.  You decide which muscle groups you want to target, or feel free to attend every day to reap the benefits of a well-rounded exercise regime.  Learn more.


3.  The levels. 

On any given day and for any given class type, there are three different levels to choose from.  You can work at a pace you’re comfortable with, while still pushing yourself to achieve the results you want.  Learn more.


4.  The type of training.  Cardio, strengthening, toning – you name it, we have a class for it.  Not only does PBC offer a body part focus and a variety of levels but also a range of different class types and training styles.  Variation is key to “shock” the body, avoid plateaus, and prevent overtraining.  Learn more.



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