Days of the Week


PBC assigns a major body part to each day of the week.  We do this for a number of reasons:

  • When you walk through the door, you know exactly what type of workout you will have
  • You are able to make training decisions ahead of time
  • The alignment between trainer offerings and client expectations is right on point
  • You can easily focus on a particular body part for a select period of time
  • You can participate in a well-rounded fitness regimen all week long
  • Over-training, over-working, injury and fatigue are avoided


As an example, our focus may be “abs” on Mondays, “glutes” on Tuesdays, legs on Wednesdays, and so on.  It’s up to you to decide what you want – or need – to train in order to reach your goals.


Monthly Cycles


Even though each day of the week always has the same body part focus, the PBC system is organized into monthly cycles.  This ensures that even if you attend a class on every single day of every single month, you’ll never overwork a particular body part or get bored of our program.  Circuits change every single day and no two circuits are ever repeated.  Plus, over the course of a month, each week targets a different form of training for that particular body part. 


For example, you may work out your abdominal muscles every Monday, but in week one you build strength, in week two you do unilateral training, in week three you focus on stabilization with intense cardio and balance exercises, and in week four you experiment with old and new school training techniques. 


Choosing Your Level


Throughout the course of the day, we offer several classes which are classified into three different levels.  At any given time, morning, midday or evening, you can find a session at your preferred level.



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