Integrity Yellow Zone Challenge

Integrity Yellow Zone Challenge


Time to train in the Yellow! Why, because that’s the magic zone. In the yellow zone, we burn tonnes of calories, reduce our body fat and push ourselves physically hard.


So for the month of May, I want you to save all your workouts. At the end of the month, total up the total amount of time you have spent in the yellow zone for 14 of your best workout here at the the club.


We will select one winner from each program, METCON30 and PBC. Each winner will get $200 credit at our pro-shop for supplements.



·      Total time for your workout will only count when training during class. We will measure this by total time trained and time in the class. So post training will not count.

·      At the end of the month, everybody will email me their total times in the yellow zone. Once I have everybody’s times in, I will select the winner. The winner must show me their schedule and workouts that match. If everything is legit, we will announce the winner.