Star Client of the Month

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Star Client of the Month Meet Sabrina! Fitness is about being consistent, motivated, passionate and a desire to be your best, all the time. When people do that all the time, day in day out, year after year, their hard work can turn into, "it must be genetics". That is not true, and I want to salute the ladies who put in the time and work. I have been training Sabrina for years now, and I can say first hand, that is all hard work. Sabrina does not take holiday from her bodies health. For those that have trained with her, she doesn't take a set off either. Impressively, star member Sabrina has attended more than 1,500 boot camp sessions. In fact,during her second pregnancy, Sabrina trained at boot camp until the day she gave birth. She attributes her dedication to her workouts and the wonderful trainers at Integrity Fitness, who continuously encouraged her to push through her obstacles, in turn, instilling a lifelong love of fitness. Look for Sabrina to turn that passion into being a professional trainer.