Your Hearts Smart Place To Train For Maximum Results

Training in the yellow zone is far less “painful” than the dreaded red zone making it more sustainable to train at a higher level of intensity while performing cardio based movements. The yellow zone will also be that magic place where you burn loads of calories while training aerobically for a longer time. This zone allows you to train smarter and be in control of your training. With our THR monitors you are no longer over or under training your body.


It is important to know that training in the Yellow Zone is the most efficient way to guarantee the results you are looking for, if you follow a healthy meal plan. You will experience faster and safer results as you use more calories to lose weight and inches.


Training in the yellow zone can be safe, but you will find it challenging and breathtakingly hard.   The muscle will have a slow burn, the heart will be pounding, but the body can push through. Adaptations that take place with this type of training include: increased tolerance to lactic acid; elevated VO2 max and improved endurance and speed.


Targeting your training into the yellow zone has multiple benefits.  Whether you are training aerobically or anaerobically you can expect to achieve great results. During aerobic based training you will feel slightly uncomfortable because your heart will be racing and the mindset immediately kicks in to push forward, slow down or stop soon. As your body adjusts so does your mindset. You will start to make an improvement to your fitness levels quickly and with-out a doubt, staying in the yellow zone for an extended period of time will make the body use a very high calorie expenditure.


When training anaerobically, you must use challenging weights to elevate the heart that high. Notice you will only be able to maintain the set for a few more moments before failure kicks in. With some rest, the heart rate will drop back down and then it will spike again as the set begins. Training in the yellow zone with anaerobic training will look more like spikes going in and out of the zone.


Combining anaerobic training with aerobic training is the true upper echelon of fitness and that is what the next generation of fitness is all about! METCON, Crossfit, DTP, HIIT, PHAT, circuit training are all now designed to drive your heart rate up with cardio based exercises, then push you to your limit with resistance exercises. It is a tough, challenging, and the elite way to train your body while maximizing your time. Results will happen. Better fitness will happen. Satisfaction will happen.


If you train to hard and get in the red, you will tire fast. If you train too low, you’re not maximizing your time. Staying in the yellow for up to 30 minutes, now you are a fat burning, toning machine with a strong mind.


It is important to note that as you climb higher into this zone (above 85%), heart rate recovery takes longer. For most people exercising this hard will have difficulty getting enough oxygen to their contracting muscles, and as a result, your muscles will switch from using oxygen to burn energy (aerobic) to burning energy without oxygen (anaerobic). This type of training should be performed at the most, twice per week, should be preceded by a good warm-up, followed by a good cool-down, and generally be preceded and followed by an easier (Zones 1 / 2) day so you can obtain a high quality and effective workout. Advanced trainees can hit this three to four times a week maximum. More than that and over training is inevitable.